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NEW Broker Packet 
If you would like to download this Broker packet form to fill out and return, please click HERE!
Please fill out the form completely and send back to 216.475.1579 or


This packet will not be processed without ALL REQUIRED INFORMATION and may result in delay of payment.  

Online Broker Packet Submission

Contact Information - Business

Contact Information - Dispatch

Do you have an MC#

Contact Information - After Hours

Contact Information - Accounting / Accounts Receivable

By providing your email address, you are authorizing GarTran LLC to correspond with you via that method.  Accounts can be monitored at

Tax Information

Tax Identification -  Please fill out the information below and ATTACH a W-9 form


For security reasons, please do not enter your SSN or Federal Tax ID# on this website. 

Please make sure they are properly listed on the W-9 form you submit.  


NOTE:  IF your TAX ID is associated with a W-9, you must submit a W-9 for either Individual or Company or your packet will not be processed, and will result in delay of payment. 


If you are using a Tax ID other than a W-9, please check to box below in order to proceed.  (someone will contact you upon receiving your packet) 

I use a Tax ID other than a W-9

Individual or Company W-9 submitted for *

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The following documentation is necessary

to complete and Submit your Vendor Packet Form: 


1. Copy of Certificate of Authority (must have authority for over 2 years) 

2. COI from Insurance Company

3. Copy of Broker's Surety Bond

** You must submit a COI showing Garick LLC as CERTIFICATE HOLDER within 7 days or payment will be delayed.  

Please send to: 


Garick LLC

8400 Sweet Valley Dr.  Suite 408

Cleveland OH 44125


Please attach these documents below:

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Choose your Payment Terms

Benefits of the Quick Pay & Direct Deposit Programs

  • No lost checks

  • No waiting for the mail

  • No trips to the bank

  • Deposited funds are immediately available

  • Deposit notification via email

  • Reduced administrative costs

Please select your payment terms below
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Are your loads paid through a Factoring Company?

**If yes, you MUST attach a "Letter of Assignment" from your Factoring company** 

Select an option below
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Transportation Provider Survey

How did you hear about us? (check all that apply)

In order to help us provide our customers with the proper equipment, please check off all equipment below that you have.  

For each piece of equipment, please enter the following in the field below: 


1. Number of Units

2. Trailer Dimensions

3. Trailer Capacity (Cubic Yards) 

4. Trailer Capacity (Tons) 

5. States you are Licensed in

Are you interested in advertising your Company on GarTran?   

If YES, please provide your contact information below and we will have a representative contact you with more information. 

GarTran Broker Agreement

 • No truck will be loaded without a Garick GO#, nor can the same GO# be used for more than one load. Brokers who load the same GO in duplicate do so at their own expense. Please contact your Transportation team Dispatcher if you do not have a Garick GO number.

• If order is for one (1) full truckload, load to max by volume or weight, whichever occurs first. If the order is for a specific amount, load the listed quantity. If the listed quantity can’t be loaded, your dispatcher must call the Procurement Team for instructions. Garick will not be responsible for any truck recorded as overweight. All loads MUST be secured by straps or load locks. Drivers who fail to secure loads will be responsible for all charges related to damage.

• Services:  Broker acknowledges and agrees to the following transportation terms: 

    1. Carrier agrees to safely, promptly and efficiently transport all shipments tendered to it by Garick and GarTran.

    2. Carrier is fully qualified and adequately equipped to perform the transportation services contemplated hereby and carrier has and will continue to comply with the regulations of the Bureau of Motor Carrier Safety of the Department of Transportation including drivers’ hours of service and records thereof, driver qualification requirements, physical, and equipment maintenance standards and reports.

    3. Carrier certifies they will not re-broker, assign or interline the shipments hereunder, without prior written consent from Garick and GarTran.

    4. Carrier must maintain a Satisfactory Safety Rating. Should rating change to Unsatisfactory or Conditional, carrier shall notify Garick and GarTran immediately.

Customer Solicitation: Acceptance by Broker of a load offered by Garick and GarTran will constitute Broker's recognition that the shipper of the load is a customer of Garick and GarTran. Broker agrees not to solicit or accept, directly or indirectly, shipments from Garick and GarTran customers, from anyone other than Garick or GarTran. The solicitation policy remains in effect for a period of twelve months after termination of this agreement. In the event of a breach of this provision, Garick and GarTran will be entitled to a commission of fifty percent of the gross transportation revenue received by Broker from Garick and GarTran customer.

• Insurance Requirements: At all times and at its own expense, Broker will maintain insurance on trucks, trailers, and cargo. Brokers are also required to provide Garick with a valid (non-expired) COI (certificate of insurance). Garick should be specified as the certificate holder. Broker will supply Garick and GarTran with updated COI’s each time insurance is updated. COI’s may be emailed to or faxed to 216-475-1579.

• Broker Requirements: Broker is required to provide company name of carrier to receive the load to prevent any conflicts of interest within Garick’s current carriers. Broker must also provide Garick updates once the driver picks up a load and once the driver delivers a load.  

• Delivery Appointments: Any carrier not able to pick up and/or deliver a load on the day scheduled must call their Garick Dispatcher IMMEDIATELY. Drivers are not to deliver without a valid delivery appointment with the customer. Missed appointments, non-scheduled deliveries, and/or dropped loads can result in Garick assumed charges from our customers. These charges will be passed to brokers.


NOTE: For loads delivered late, Garick reserves the right to assess a $50/day penalty.

For loads not delivered/dropped, there is a $200 re-dispatch fee.

• DETENTION POLICY: Drivers are required to sign in and out when picking up a load. Should additional loading/wait time incur, Broker must contact Garick on the day of detention. Failure to comply with the above will relieve Garick of any responsibility in regard to paying detention.

The first two hours of loading/wait time incurred by Broker at any loading facility will be at no charge, except for peak hours between 10:00AM and 2:00PM where the loading/wait time incurred at no charge will be four hours. Garick will issue $25.00 for each additional hour incurred by a Broker after the required load/wait time is met. Garick will issue up to $100.00 maximum per day in detention time for any broker.

NOTE: Should carrier either arrive late or change the pick-up date from what was originally agreed upon; no detention will be paid. Your dispatcher must contact the Transport Team after a 1 hour wait. If detention occurs during delivery, customer must notate in and out time and sign.

ACCESORIAL CHARGES: Broker is responsible for getting approval prior to accepting load. 

  1.  Equipment ordered and not used is subject to a $50 flat charge

  2.  Stops in transit - $25 per extra stop excluding first

  3.  Loading/Unloading with pallet jack - $50

  4.  Drop (unless otherwise approved by Transport Manager) - $200

  5.  All loads must use a Garick bill of lading

  6.  Any driver loading bulk material for Garick in a dump or walking floor trailer must clean their trailer bed prior to loading

  7.  Any driver wo fails to comply will be responsible for al charges incurred by Garick for contaminated product 

  8.  All loads must use a Garick bill of lading

  9.  Drivers delivering freight on vans are required to use load locks.

  10.  Brokers who fail to comply will  be charged all fees related to damaged product or re-stacking.


• PROOF OF DELIVERY REQUIRED FOR PAYMENT: Broker will obtain proof of delivery based on customer requirements below. All Broker invoices must have the Garick GO# listed. Failure to provide the following documents will result in non-payment of your shipment:

  1.  Bill of Lading – signed POD as indicated below

  2.  Invoice

  3.  Rate Confirmation



  1. Home Depot – First and Last Name of Receiver and Key Rec # (on label attached to BOL) – There will be a $25 fee assessed if no KEY REC STICKER or NUMBER is provided on the front of the BOL (please do not write the Key Rec number on the back of the BOL)

  2. Lowe’s – First and Last Name of Receiver 

  3. All Others – First and Last Name of Receiver


• Termination of Broker Agreement: The term of this agreement shall be for one (1) year, commencing on the execution hereof. This agreement shall be automatically renewed after this time. Broker has the right to cancel this agreement at anytime by submitting a written request to our Transportation Department.

E-mail POD information to or fax to 216-475-3721 (Please do not send any other information to this e-mail or fax – Any other information that does not pertain to POD documents sent to these destinations WILL NOT BE PROCESSED). You can also mail POD documents to the following address: 8400 Sweet Valley Dr. Ste 408 Cleveland OH, 44125. Hand written changes to this agreement are NOT accepted


Please acknowledge by signing below you will abide by the above rules and regulations contained withing this document, and certify that all information entered into this document, to include any attachments are true and legitimate before accepting loads for GarTran. 

Please Do NOT hit the Submit button more than once, and allow time for all the data entered to upload!  

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